In which Irish parents say: no, actually


So, lots of us parenting bloggers have been talking about how disgraceful the proposed cuts to the child benefit is, and we’ve decided to make a stand.

Over the next week and a half we are staging a BlogMarch, where each day one of us will be taking to our soapbox to share our insights into why we think the Irish government are taking the TOTAL piss out of us.

We refuse to take this lying down, and would love you to join us on our journey. Check back here each day where I’ll be giving you the low down on who is saying what, and if you haven’t signed the petition yet, you can do so here.

Today’s blog comes from the fabulous Joanna O’Sullivan – check it out at The Irish Rhymes.

Share your stories, outrage and general rantiness right here, and if you are a twitpeep, then tweet along with us at #BlogMarch.



About Ciara McDonnell

Ouch My Fanny Hurts was born in the late stages of my first pregnancy. I was sick and tired of everyone going on and ON about how brilliant it is to be pregnant, when actually, lots of it was quite crap really. And, my fanny hurt a lot. So, I decided to tell the truth about my experience while I was pregnant, and the journey I have been on since, as our little fella grew a little bigger, and we brought our second son into the world in what turned out to be fairly scary circumstances. It’s my story, and I am delighted to share it.
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