This Is The End

I haven’t blogged in so long it almost feels pointless to say this, but friends, this is the end of our fanny-hurting journey. As my boys get older and closer to being able to use Google, I realise that I don’t want to be sharing our stories as much any more.

What this blog was, and will remain to be, is a love letter to my sons. If they find themselves stumbling across it in years to come, I hope they feel even a tiniest bit of the complete, overpowering love that I have for them. With that sentiment, I will end with a letter to my lads.

Thank you for reading me, thank you for becoming my friends, and thank you for holding my hand across the sometimes lonely parenting ethers.

Dear Matthew and Mikey,
Right now, I am crammed, sardine-like between your sleeping selves. Mikey, you are snoring and taking up most of the bed, and Matthew, you are lying as much on me as the sheet, your leg snaking around mine as an alarm bell, should I attempt to make an escape (I won’t dare, by the way).

If you are grown up and reading this, I want you to know that you are my greatest bliss. I am quite a shouty person, but I think I shout “I love you!” Just as much as “put down that bloody biscuit”. Just in case, I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE MY MOON AND STARS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

You are now nearly four and nearly three, and like to run and shout and build immense train sets that take up our whole downstairs. Recently, you’ve started holding hands, and every time I see you do it my heart feels like it’s going to explode out of my chest. Matthew, you take your role as a big brother very seriously. Today you spent ten intense minutes teaching Mikey how to chew a jelly. Mikey, you follow him around like a duckling, determined never to let you littler brother status overtake you.

Thank you for inspiring my writing for the last four years, and for giving me endless hilarious circumstances to share. I hope that this archive of our early years together gives you pleasure in years to come, and that I haven’t mortified you too much….(sorry teenage you).

I love you,

About Ciara McDonnell

Ouch My Fanny Hurts was born in the late stages of my first pregnancy. I was sick and tired of everyone going on and ON about how brilliant it is to be pregnant, when actually, lots of it was quite crap really. And, my fanny hurt a lot. So, I decided to tell the truth about my experience while I was pregnant, and the journey I have been on since, as our little fella grew a little bigger, and we brought our second son into the world in what turned out to be fairly scary circumstances. It’s my story, and I am delighted to share it.
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11 Responses to This Is The End

  1. Oh, sniffle. Don’t gooooooo. Or at least, come baaaack in some other form. Don’t stop writing. Y’hear me? Big hugs, hon.

  2. We will miss you soooo much! Maybe start another blog? Pleeeeease!

  3. I’ll join the sniffers and wailers… until there is another blog to enjoy! I love your writing, your freedom, our humour. kisses, mwah xxxxxxx

  4. Nooooooooooooo! I LOVE your blog. But I completely get where you are coming from. Please, though, start another one You’re too funny and good and everything not to! PLEASE!

  5. It’s not the end of your writing; just winding up a chapter. It’s been a wonderful love letter to your boys that I hope you bookmark and give to them when they come of age. I’m sad to see you wind it up as I’ve laughed, bawled and sniffled along the way. Much love as always Mama. xxx

  6. aj vosse says:

    Oh well… sad to see you go! I thank you again for the inspiration and idea for “Ouch My Back Hurts!” I’ve been going way over 3 years with daily posts and have toyed with stopping. I guess I’ll have to keep the Ouch My xxxx/X Hurts just a tad longer… I’ll miss your humour… and your really touching truths! Here’s to you and the lads!!

  7. The Internet just won’t be the same without you. Sniff.

  8. Joanna says:

    Lovely! I’m sad you’re finishing up but I totally understand. These posts will be read and reread by your boys, I should think. I hope I’ll get to follow your writing on whatever your new outlet will be. x

  9. tric says:

    I do understand why you are winding this one up, but I hope the bug has bitten you and you find a way back in some form. My gang are waaaaay older and sometimes they read my blog and they will suddenly give me a hug, but more often they occasionally read it and they look at me and say ‘Loser’. It’s not easy write a blog and keep the balance between private life and online life.
    Best of luck to you and your little ones. i do think it is so lovely for them to have your blog to look back on in their future.
    See you on IPB and hope to meet you again soon.

  10. Olive says:

    Thank you for your blog, you’d been utterly amazing!

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