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A word please

This week has been a treat. A TREAT I tell you! If you’ve been following our BlogMarch you’ll know that we have been treated to some of the best, most passionate writing from Irish women, each showcasing their unique insight … Continue reading

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If you read anything today, read this:

Three unique perspectives, all united for one cause: Read Dreaming Aloud’s here Read Mind The Baby’s here Read Serious Wagon’s here  10 Irish parenting bloggers have joined forces in a “BlogMarch” to raise awareness of the crippling impact that cuts … Continue reading

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Four Months…

My darling Michael, last week you turned four months, a milestone that at times we never thought we would see. For such a teensy person you are so wise. Sometimes, when I’m looking into those deep pools of eyes I … Continue reading

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And On We March

It’s day two of our Blog March against Child Benefit cuts, and Deborah at The Clothesline has written a beautiful post that describes the impossible position that so many of us are in. You can read her post here. We … Continue reading

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In which Irish parents say: no, actually

Hello! So, lots of us parenting bloggers have been talking about how disgraceful the proposed cuts to the child benefit is, and we’ve decided to make a stand. Over the next week and a half we are staging a BlogMarch, … Continue reading

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A Fork In The Road

I have made a decision. Over the last few months it has become more and more apparent to me that I will not be returning to work. This is a giant leap for me – my job has formed a … Continue reading

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